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After, Life.

Made in Tennessee Shorts

November 11 · Regal Riviera · 1:45 p.m.

After, Life.
Jakey Lutsko · Hixson, TN · 3 minutes
Sam and Penny, a young couple, find themselves trapped in a liminal space.

Baseball with Dad
Cody McHan · Knoxville, TN · 15 minutes
A misguided father forces his unwilling son to spend a day with him learning to play the family pastime of baseball. A tradition that goes back further than he could ever imagine.

Black & White
Nick Robert Jackson · Nashville, TN · 6 minutes
A man representative of good crosses paths with his inner demons and is given a choice: hold out, or give into temptation and let his dark side show.

Cart Return
Matt Webb · Maryville, TN · 4 minutes
Melanie is just too busy and self-absorbed and refuses to return her shopping cart, leading to an unfortunate turn of events when she’s transported directly into a 1960’s Hitchcock-like thriller.

Distant People
Nathan Swann · Knoxville, TN · 7 minutes
A couple’s evening together is disrupted by a trip to a convenience store.

Eli Heaton · Knoxville, TN · 18 minutes
The last place Kayla wants to be is at her mom’s for the summer, until she sets her sights on boyish Danny. He isn’t prepared for a late-night swim – or the game that follows.

MK Ultra Violence
Jay Curtis Miller · Lebanon, TN · 14 minutes
A Vietnam veteran is taken under the wing of a charismatic agent, who promises him a repaired mind. Unbeknownst to him, he’ll be treated less like a patient and more like a test subject.

Sword, Skill, & Sorcery
Shayna-Raye Funderburk · Franklin, TN · 15 minutes
A baker’s son sets out on a quest to locate a sorceress, but mistaken identities cause the wannabe knight to plunder more than he bargained for.

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