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Peak Season

Peak Season

Henry Loevner & Steven Kanter · 2023 · 82 minutes
November 10 · Regal Riviera · 5:30 p.m.

New Yorkers Amy and Max arrive in the resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a relaxing getaway while they finalize wedding plans. When Max is called away on business, Amy finds a friend in Loren, a local wilderness guide. They spend the week together, flyfishing and exploring the mountains. Lonely and lost in their lives, Amy and Loren share an instant connection.

Written, directed, and produced by Henry Loevner and Steven Kanter, Peak Season is a deeply satisfying maybe-romance in the vein of the “Before Trilogy”–one of those movies that understands that a memorably intimate conversation can be the best kind of foreplay. As Amy and Loren, Claudia Restrepo and Derrick Joseph DeBlasis have off-the charts chemistry, and Loevner and Kanter make the most of it, building their relationship from the smallest of glances and gestures.

As depicted in Peak Season, Jackson Hole is an odd place, where the ultra-wealthy play make-believe cowboy and the locals struggle to make rent. The film takes that economic divide seriously and in doing so avoids the obvious cliches. Life in Wyoming, like life everywhere else, is a negotiation.

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