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An Evening Song

An Evening Song (for three voices)

Graham Swon · 2023 · 86 minutes
November 11 · Regal Riviera · 12:30 p.m.

Barbara, a writer and former child prodigy, moves to the Midwest with her novelist husband Richard, and they soon find themselves caught in a love triangle with their pious housekeeper Martha. Like a Henry James ghost story transposed to the rural landscapes of a Willa Cather novel, An Evening Song (for three voices) is a Gothic romance in the guise of a 1930s pulp mystery.

The blending of genres is written into every image of An Evening Song (for three voices). Shot as if looking through a window screen, and making extensive use of period locations in Iowa, the film recalls the keyhole style of silent cinema, while the performances beckon to the early days of the Hollywood studio system. Hannah Gross (Joker, Mindhunter) plays Barbara like a Gene Tierney femme fatale.

For nearly a decade, writer-director Graham Swon has been a key figure in New York’s independent art-film scene, producing work by Jem Cohen, Matías Piñeiro, Ted Fendt, Dan Sallitt, Joanna Arnow, and Ricky D’Ambrose, with whom he shares the 2023 John Cassavetes Award from the Independent Spirit Awards. An Evening Song (for three voices) is the first feature he has directed since relocating to Fairfield, Iowa, in 2019.

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